From Newspaper to Notebook: Workshop at the Bristol Festival of Literature

I will be running a one-off WriteClub workshop in October 2016 as part of the Bristol Festival of Literature.

Find out how to turn your local paper into a goldmine of writing ideas… and have some fun while you’re at it!

The workshop will be on Thursday, October 20 from 10am-12pm (get there for 9.45am) at Paper Arts in Broadmead, Bristol.


Join me for a flick through the Bristol Post – where I used to work as a journalist. We’ll be on the scrounge for creative writing prompts to fill your notebook. It’s more than tomorrow’s chip paper – if you know where to look, any local or national rag easily becomes fodder for your next short story, poem, or even that bestselling novel you’ve been promising to write for years.

We will use newspapers as a starting point for a series of activities designed to stimulate your imagination and get creative juices flowing. There will be timed writing and reading opportunities, all with prompts and instant feedback. You’ll leave the session with new ideas to follow up and develop. Everyone is welcome – whether you’re an old-hand scribbler with stacks of stories to your name or you haven’t written more than a shopping list in years, come and join in.

Tickets for this workshop – called From Newspaper to Notebook – are £5.50 and spaces are limited so book your ticket now by clicking here.

For more of my workshops, check out WriteClub – a monthly creative writing session in Bristol which I run with award-winning writer Alison Powell.

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