Out now! The Lonely Planet Travel Anthology: True stories from the world’s best writers

This week two copies of the lovely The Lonely Planet Travel Anthology landed on my doormat this week – containing a short piece of writing by yours truly!

The book is now available to buy in various online bookstores… if you spot it in a real-life shop do let me know.

My piece of writing is a meditation on seaside recovery – about some time I spent learning to scuba dive in the Maldives using money I got in an insurance claim, after being hit by a car in 2008 and breaking both of my legs. You can read more about that part of my life in a blog I wrote at the time – From no boots to running shoes.


The cover of the Lonely Planet Travel Anthology

The anthology also includes original stories set in Scotland, Thailand, Malaysia, Moldova, Tanzania, Austria and beyond.

‘As you travel through these pages, may your mind be widened, your spirit enlivened, and your own path illuminated by these worldly word-journeys.’ —Don George

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