Reviews coming in for If I Die Before I Wake

Bound proofs and e-book versions of If I Die Before I Wake have been going out over the last few weeks to reviewers and bloggers, and the verdicts are coming in. It’s a terrifying process but so far I’m really pleased with the comments people have made – and I can’t really be unhappy with a 4.5 star average on Goodreads!

The e-reader versions have been going out via a website called NetGalley (which I hadn’t heard of before this process). You request a book you like the look of, you get sent a copy, and in return you have to write a review. Physical versions of the book have been sent out with a beautiful, specially made pin with the phrase “Carpe Diem” on them and it’s been great to see photos appearing across social media as they arrive.


Here are some of my favourite comments so far:

“There are twists along the way, emotional resonance to the haunting sense of loss and an ending that absolutely kills – one of those that will keep nagging at the edges of your mind for a long time afterwards.”

“A crime thriller that is totally different to any other.

“Absolutely brilliant. I urge you to read this.

What a beautiful, emotional ending. And there was me cockily thinking I had this book all figured out, that Emily Koch could not fool me. I was too smart for this story. Well, I’m not. And I’m glad that I’m not.”

“This is a clear your diary and switch off your phones then settle down with a nice cup of tea kind of book as you will be hooked from the first page. It takes you on such an emotional roller coaster ride and doesn’t let go until the very end.”

I’m so grateful for everyone so far who has taken time to read it and write a review. Aside from buying books, it’s the best way to support authors – write reviews on Goodreads, Amazon etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you!




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