Reviews, Australian bookshops and the If I Die Before I Wake e-book is released!

It’s been a busy week in If I Die Before I Wake land.

The e-book was released on Thursday – a week ahead of the hardback release on January 11. Book bloggers who received preview copies have been uploading their reviews to Amazon and I’ve been blown away by their comments. As I write this there are no less than 74 reviews – I’m so grateful to you all for posting them, and for taking the time to read the book and post on your own blogs about it.

Meanwhile, I spotted photos on Instagram of the book out in the wild! Two bookshops in Australia have If I Die Before I Wake already out on their shelves – The Grumpy Swimmer in Melbourne and Collins Booksellers Traralgon in Victoria. Thanks to them for these photos.

The excitement continued (how am I meant to sleep with all of this going on?!) with reviews in Woman & Home (thanks to books editor Fanny Blake) and The Guardian.


My mum spotted this review in her copy of Woman & Home


The review of If I Die Before I Wake in The Guardian this weekend


The Guardian

You can read The Guardian review here. I am over the moon with what reviewer Barry Forshaw said about the book. He writes:

“How would it feel to be trapped within one’s own body, able to see, smell and hear but unable to communicate? If I Die Before I Wake by Emily Koch is audaciously told from the point of view of Alex, a victim of locked-in syndrome after an accident. Initially yearning for death, Alex then tries to discover what has happened to him; he is perhaps solving his own murder. It’s a clever premise, and though Koch takes her time before really getting to grips with the material, this is a debut to be reckoned with.”

This is on top of a lovely mention in Prima magazine recently from their books editor Nina Pottell.

Review in Prima Magazine


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