If I Die Before I Wake is a TOP 20 BESTSELLER! And other news…

The sales figures are in for the first week of If I Die Before I Wake being on the shelves and I’m thrilled to say that it went straight in at number 18 on the hardback fiction chart… making it a top 20 bestseller!

More than 1,400 hardbacks were sold – a fact that I am still trying to get my head around. Thank you, if you were one of the people who bought it.

There was also a lovely review in the Daily Mail at the end of last week. Christena Appleyard said: “The author conveys a real sense of the true horror of being locked inside a body that won’t move with a brain that still works. And she persuades us to stay with the story to its strangely exhilarating conclusion.”

Read the full review here.

Meanwhile, on Amazon, we hit the 100 review mark – I am so grateful to everyone who has spared the time to post one. The ratings on there are averaging at 4.5 stars, too, which is wonderful.

I was interviewed on Made in Bristol last week, too – a short piece which went out across its eight other UK sister channels as well.

Finally for this week, I blogged about my inspiration for If I Die Before I Wake over on the Dead Good website – check it out here.


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