An evening at Foyles and BBC Radio Bristol (again!)

I’ve just got back from another little trip to London for an evening event at Foyles Charing Cross, alongside debut authors Imogen Hermes Gowar and Mary Lynn Bracht.


It was a lovely event, chaired by Alex Clark, and there were some great questions from the audience at the end! I especially loved meeting people who came to get a copy of If I Die Before I Wake signed, and chatting to some of them about their own writing projects. One woman said she felt inspired by the event, which reminded me of how I have felt after hearing other writers talk. If you’re an aspiring writer, and have never been to listen to others talk – do it! It is a really energising thing to do.

Earlier this week I went on Laura Rawlings’ BBC Radio Bristol show – listen back to the interview from about 1hr 40, here. I’m loving talking to people about the book all the time. As someone said to me the other day – “Your job at the moment is basically going around and chatting, isn’t it?” And chatting is something I am more than happy to do!


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