Meet the author day four: my writing routine

Today’s #meettheauthor is about my writing routine.

I’m on a kind of maternity leave at the moment so not writing very much if at all. And my routine is not very regimented even when I am working!

But it goes something like this… I write on days when my daughter is in childcare or with another family member. So once she has been dropped off or handed over I will get a cup of tea and sit down at my desk, faff about for a bit then finally sink into it. Once I’m in the zone I don’t want to stop. I have to tear myself away for lunch or to pick my daughter up. Sometimes (when I’ve got a deadline or I’m really in the mood) I also sit down in the evening after she’s gone to bed.

But when I’m not on a writing day or evening, I’m often thinking about the book I’m writing, solving problems in my head, listening to the odd podcast about writing… that kind of thing. I tend to set myself weekly word count deadlines to hit as I find that easier than a daily target because my days are so varied in terms of the time I get to write.

I prefer to write out scenes in longhand and then type them up but sometimes that feels too time consuming so I just type straight away. For my next book I’m hoping to carve out the time to write it all in longhand… I did that for my first novel and missed doing so for my second.

I love these chunky notebooks from Paperchase for this purpose but also flimsy exercise books like we used to have at school! And these two pens are my go-to writing implements. The multicolour biro for planning and plotting, the inky one in black or blue for writing.

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