Meet the author day ten: when do you write?

Am I a morning writer? Or do I prefer afternoons or evenings?

I LOVE writing at night. If I could, I would write all night long. My monkey brain switches off by that time of day, all the other things I had on my to-do list are ticked off, the house is quiet and calm. I find it really easy to slip into writing mode.

But I can’t function on too little sleep, and I have a family to get up with in the morning, so late nights don’t work so well in reality. I do the occasional late night but mostly I work during ‘normal’ working hours (three or four days a week), plus a few evenings a week. I rarely (if ever) do an early morning session.

Screenshot 2019-10-10 at 13.16.50.png

Settling down for an evening of work at my desk last November, writing Keep Him Close


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