Reviews coming in for If I Die Before I Wake

Bound proofs and e-book versions of If I Die Before I Wake have been going out over the last few weeks to reviewers and bloggers, and the verdicts are coming in. It’s a terrifying process but so far I’m really pleased with the comments people have made – and I can’t really be unhappy with a 4.5 star average on Goodreads! Continue reading


Live TV appearance: Appearing on Made in Bristol’s Press Pit

Last week I got the chance to appear on local Bristol TV channel Made in Bristol on their Press Pit show – a weekly review of local and national news.

I’ve just brought myself to watch it back and I don’t think I make too much of an idiot of myself! You can watch it in four different parts: one, two, three and four.

Find out what my first ever gig was (much to my embarassment), what I think about feeding chips to pigeons, and my views on u-shaped baguettes (as well as some more serious stuff that had been going on in the news that week).

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 17.26.34.png.jpg

I was on a panel with Stephen Robertson, chair of the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership (which supports business growth and works to attract new jobs to the area), and our host was author, presenter and comedian Becky Walsh.

I got the chance to talk a little bit about setting up WriteClub at the end of the third section. Find out more about WriteClub here.


WriteClub: All-day writing retreat to see in the New Year

Crikey, it can be tough to stay motivated with your writing can’t it? It can be difficult to find the time, difficult to find the ideas, and difficult to keep the belief in what you’re doing.


BUT the good news is, there are definitely ways to acheive your goals, and keep your writing ticking along.

If you’re interested in writing and doing more of it in 2017, WriteClub’s one-day creative writing retreat on Saturday, January 14 would be ideal for you.

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