Meet the author day three: writing achievement I’m most proud of

Day three of #meettheauthor is all about your proudest writing achievement.

There’s been a few… leaving a very good job to pursue this dream, getting my awesome agent, being shortlisted for awards with If I Die Before I Wake and being chosen as Waterstones’ Thriller of the Month back in March.

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Meet the author day two: my favourite book

Day two of this #meettheauthor series and here’s my favourite book. Or one of them, at least… there are several!

I read Toni Morrison’s Beloved in sixth form at school, again on my uni course and a third time for my creative writing MA! Hence all the highlighting and notes… one of the reasons I love this copy so much.

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The publishing process: What does a copy-editor do?

Over the last few months my second novel has been back and forth between me and my editor – we’ve taken it in turns to polish away at it and make suggestions of changes. It has really come together, and I can’t wait to share it with you all next year (probably around April or May).

I’ve just sent draft four off to her, and once she’s had a look the next step is for it to hit the desk of a copy-editor. But what do they do?

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