Meet the author day 15: what I want my readers to know about me

It’s the final day of this Meet the Author series and today’s topic is: what I want my readers to know about me.

This is a tough one! But here’s one thing that I’d really like you to know – something that I hope, if you’ve read my debut novel If I Die Before I Wake, you will have already worked out.

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I care how my writing, and my stories, make you feel. That’s the biggest thing that matters to me. I’d like you to think that I write some beautiful sentences. I’d like you to stay up all night because you can’t wait to find out the truth of what happened in that story you are reading. But mostly, I want you to laugh. I want you to cry. I want your heart to swell, I want your mouth to go dry, I want your eyes to widen. I want you to put the book down and remember it because it made you FEEL SOMETHING. Because that is what I love about the best books I have ever read.

If you don’t, then I’m sorry – I didn’t do my job well enough. But that’s ok, too. Because I’m sure you’ll find another writer whose writing will do it… keep looking if you’ve not found it yet! Search through the other writers doing #meettheauthor on Instagram and try their books.