Meet the author day one: Where I work

I’m doing something over on Instagram (find my account here) called #meettheauthor and I thought I’d bring it on over to my website too.

Authors are posting images to fit with a theme each day. Day one was where do you write?

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The publishing process: What does a copy-editor do?

Over the last few months my second novel has been back and forth between me and my editor – we’ve taken it in turns to polish away at it and make suggestions of changes. It has really come together, and I can’t wait to share it with you all next year (probably around April or May).

I’ve just sent draft four off to her, and once she’s had a look the next step is for it to hit the desk of a copy-editor. But what do they do?

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Interview: Q&A with author C.L. Taylor

Next week I will be joining Sunday Times bestselling crime writer C. L. Taylor at Foyles in Bristol to discuss our latest books and the art of writing suspense.

C.L. Taylor’s latest novel, Sleep, came out this week. It’s a wonderfully creepy psychological thriller, set on a remote Scottish island in the middle of a storm.


I asked her to answer a few questions to introduce her to my readers, so here you go!

1. How would you sum up your latest book in one sentence?

A gripping psychological thriller with a hint of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.

2. What are you reading at the moment?

I’m currently reading a proof of Nathan Filer’s non fiction book The Heartland: Finding and Losing Schizophrenia. I studied psychology at university and have always been fascinated by the way the mind works and mental illness. I also have an ex-boyfriend who suffers from schizophrenia and a relative who developed it so that has added to my interest. Fiction-wise, I’m listening to The Last by Hanna Jameson which is set in a hotel in Switzerland after a world wide nuclear attack. I am hugely enjoying it and would describe it as The Road meets And Then There Were None meets The Walking Dead!

3. What was the last book you gave as a gift?

I bought Becoming by Michelle Obama for my mum for her birthday (she had been dropping BIG hints!)

4. What’s the best bit of writing advice you’ve been given?

It wasn’t given to me but I read it online and it’s become my writing mantra. Elmore Leonard said, ‘When you write, try to leave out all the parts readers skip.’

5. What question do you wish you were asked at events or in interviews – but nobody ever does?

‘Would you be prepared to sell the movie rights to this book?’ preceded by, ‘Hello, my name’s Reece Witherspoon.’
You can find out more about C.L. Taylor on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and at her website.

The event at Foyles is on Friday, April 12 from 7.30-9pm. More info here.